An Easter Message from our Executive Vice President, Steve Covey

Posted by Steve Covey on Apr 14, 2017 4:47:17 PM

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Easter is a unique holiday. It is the only one that can fall within a 35 day period.  Here in Maryland, the feel of Easter can be windy, damp, and cold … or sunny and 85 (which bodes well this year for pleasant Easter egg hunting).  Easter is a time for reflection, no matter what you may choose to believe; it is also an opportunity to be part of a re-birth, a fresh start, or even a renewal.   

In logistics, Easter ushers in the “busy” time of year.  A time when new shipping contracts are finalized, routing guides published and plans are made.  A re-birth, a fresh start, or a renewal.  But, then comes the uncertainty. This year truly has seen a capacity bubble.  Food logistics is experiencing the full impact of the FSMA ruling.  Most companies that prepared, trained, and educated stakeholders early are realizing the ruling can be absorbed with solid operating procedures.  For those that did not, there is hope. Choosing a 3PL that has processes in place to educate and certify staff is essential. 

Also, allowing common sense to be utilized to assure all parties are accountable to the process is vital.  Added to this, is the coming capacity bubble later this year with ELDs.  Again, choosing a 3PL that can collect, communicate, and manage these changes will determine your success!  If 2017 has challenged you, you are not alone.  But, be hopeful there are plenty of quality 3PLs that will weather these storms by your side.   Welcome to a new world, time to adapt!          

To all our wonderful and loyal customers, carriers, and employees; enjoy the Easter weekend!  Reflect on how much we truly have.   We never know when Easter will be in the low 40s with 20 MPH NE winds, but we can always adapt to make it a special day!       

To find out more on FSMA and ELDs and how Choptank can help you, visit our website’s related blogs.

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