3 reasons you should consider a career in logistics

Posted by Harriet Mills on May 11, 2016 1:45:30 PM

Hmmm .... I haven't really considered logistics as a career.

Myth: I want a job that matters, where I can really make a difference - logistics doesn't seem to fit that profile.

Truth: A career in logistics HUGELY matters.

Making your career choice is a big deal. You want to work with great people like yourself who want to make a difference in the world, community, and in life. A career in logistics probably isn't even on your radar, but surprisingly, more and more millennials are finding that working for a 3PL is just that - a job that matters. Food, for example, is an essential part of life (who doesn't love food?), and somehow needs to get to market. Farmers rely on shippers to distribute their fresh produce while distribution centers count on logistics to deliver these goods to your grocery stores and ultimately to your kitchen table. 3PLs arrange the movement of this, and many other kinds of freight. Without logistics, getting food to table isn't possible.

Myth: Isn't logistics driving a truck or working in a warehouse?

Truth: A sales career in logistics means working in a high-tech industry for a busy, freight brokerage firm.

WOW --- catered lunches, food trucks and ice cream Fridays!!!

Growing logistics companies, like Choptank Transport, have a strong belief in investing in their people. This means there's an emphasis on making sure employees have the tools to be successful. Choptank provides these tools through training and continuing education courses so our employees can become leading transportation professionals. We want you to succeed!

At Choptank, monthly awards are announced for high achievers. In addition to monetary perks, we throw in tons of team building activities within the workplace to encourage friendly competition between teams and spur on general goodwill towards co-workers. In other words, the work may be hard and stressful at times, but it is also FUN! Massage days, catered lunches, paint nite, survivor contests and ice cream Friday's are just a few of the fun things that happen in between all the hard work at Choptank.


Myth: I heard working for a 3PL is really stressful

Yes, it Can Be Stressful ... but it's like anything else in life worth doing - no pain, no gain.

forgifs.comAnyone working for a 3PL knows that a pre-requisite for the job is the ability to be a good problem-solver. Issues and unforeseen obstacles are a frequent occurrence in the industry, and generally expected. Finding the right solutions, quickly, and communicating with the customers, are what it takes to become a valued member of any sales or logistics team.

Hard work is not overlookedAchievements are well-rewarded and acknowledged often. After all, a career in 3PL is not your typical desk job; it is a fast-paced, no-nonsense, work hard-play hard, environment.

Think this is something you might be interested in? Apply online at www.choptanktransport.com/careers/

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