5 Ways to Avoid Work Burnout

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jun 22, 2016 11:18:09 AM

We've all been there - the moment when your eyes burn, mouth is dry, and your brain feels like mush from all the stress. The term commonly referred to as "work burnout" leads to multiple trips to the coffee pot and constant 'snacking.' But not even these help. Feelings like these result in a non-productive day and a sense that you've gotten nothing worthwhile accomplished. Next time you're having a day like this, remember these tips to break out of that work funk:

  1. Take a break- Go for a walk around the building, visit with colleagues or even work out (if a facility is on site). It's common for people to feel pressured by the amount of work to keep working for hours on end. Proven fact: by taking breaks you actually become more productive. Allowing your self to step away from your desk for at least 10-15 minutes allows you to recharge.
  2. Focus on the bigger picture- Always remember to take a step back and remember the main goal- the reason for doing what you're doing.
  3. Do things outside of work- Try a hobby (sports, hiking, reading, etc.). Many people become indulged in work and forget to have lives outside. Allowing yourself to do things non-work related not only That's when you know you are stressed: re-energizes your body, but allows you to more effectively solve problems at work. You're mind hasn't been fixated on work the whole time allowing for a broader perspective.
  4. Join groups at work- Being a part of groups at work brings a sense of unity allowing groups to accomplish more. See if your organization has a company kickball team,  book club, or even consider starting a group of your own. 
  5. Feed your mind - Work burnout leads to a foggy mind. To clear this up, try learning about something that you find interesting. This 'brain food' will help your mind refocus so you can return to getting the job done.


Logistics isn't a walk in the park, it can be stressful. To help our team handle the pressure and succeed, we provide tools such as an on-site walking path, relaxation room, and an awesome team that has everyone's back. A stressful job doesn't have to be an un-fulfilling one, it can be fun! To learn more about our work culture and environment, go to our Facebook page: Life at Choptank.


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