Choptank Transport Q3 Newsletter 2014

Posted by Harriet Mills on Mar 12, 2015 5:23:15 PM

See our latest Choptank Transport Q3 Newsletter 2014. Topics include important details regarding how to save costs on your reefer LTL shipments. Also, read about Choptank hitting the career fair circuit... we may be coming to your city soon! Click here to read our latest newsletter.

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Choptank Transport Market ReportMarket Report April/May 2018

Back to the Future, and How to Beat Biff

The first quarter of 2018 was like a young George McFly sitting in the car before the dance; scary, unpredictable and a foreboding presence hovering over him. Recently, it looks to be working out with the spot market softening and rates inching back down. Many think this should continue short term.

Here is a brief market overview and report on all the factors driving the current market, our expectations for where it’s headed, and most importantly, how to manage this market and come out on top!   

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