Geoff Turner, President and CEO, Choptank Transport looks toward challenges, promises of 2016

Posted by Harriet Mills on Feb 15, 2016 9:49:36 AM

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It's harGeoff Head Shotd to believe, but 2016 is already upon us. One thing I have always loved about our industry is the pace to which business gets done. It certainly makes time fly.


As we open the curtain on the new year, we face the challenges of an overzealous regulatory climate that insists on placing tremendous pressures on both large and small businesses alike. I continue to worry that much of the environment being created by our government is stifling innovation, and pouncing on the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great. We must not forget that small trucking companies make up a majority of the available capacity in the marketplace. Renewed efforts to vocalize our concerns in all areas of regulation must continue to be a top priority in 2016.


Technology in logistics will continue to garner headlines, and the rate of innovation continues to be astounding and exciting. As we see millions of dollars flow to the "Uberization" of trucking, let's not forget how most of us got our start in the business -- with relationships, likely through either a shipper, carrier or rail provider. And I'm certainly not devaluing the importance of technology in our industry; I'm only issuing a word of caution that relationships will continue to drive the market. No amount of technology can ever replace the good old-fashioned trust that must exist.


As logistics professionals, we've learned to accept challenges, so let's start the new year by accepting those new challenges facing us. Collaboration from all stakeholders on a multitude of issues will only strengthen America's dominance as the most cost-effective supply chain in the world. Training and empowering our logistics professionals will only strengthen our efforts. By continuing our solid investment in people, technology and infrastructure, 2016 will no doubt be an exciting year.

- Geoff Turner, President and CEO, Choptank Transport


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