Supply Chain Success: Better Logistics through Technology

Posted by Harriet Mills on Apr 17, 2015 11:22:26 AM

It doesn't matter what type of freight you're shipping, you want to know it's safe and trackable at all times. When you work with a 3PL provider, shipment tracking should be a top priority. Each organization has a unique approach, so it's best to find one that prioritizes customer service while using the latest technology.

iStock_Logistics Technology_smallEach partner we work with at Choptank Transport has access to a dedicated personal account manager, as well as a team of logistics coordinators who monitor shipments at all times. But we couldn't do our award-winning work without leading 3PL shipment technologies like:

EDI (electronic data exchange)

The shipping industry used to get bogged down by paperwork. This is no longer the case, thanks to EDI, a computer-to-computer exchange program. This green technology reduces costs while increasing processing speed, which is a win-win! It also eliminates many errors so communication between a 3PL, shippers and receivers is clear and in real time, helping to ensure freight moves efficiently.


This 3PL shipment-tracking technology works with any cellphone or ELD/GPS device to provide real-time information on freight loads. That means a shipment can be located any time, day or night, with updates occurring every 15 minutes. You can request to have your account manager forward updates hourly, daily or at whatever increment is preferred, ensuring you always remain in the know.

Locus Traxx

An on-time shipment is worthless if the goods transported don't arrive in quality condition. This is a particular concern for temperature-sensitive shipments such as produce or nursery freight. Locus Traxx is an ideal solution, providing accurate real-time temperature and location information. Truckers simply add a small digital device to the back of their trailers to communicate this critical information.

Top 3PL shipment-tracking technologies like these have transformed the industry, helping streamline the supply chain, eliminate shipment errors and ensure customer satisfaction. If you're not working with a 3PL that offers tracking technologies to ensure your goods arrive in top condition and on schedule, it's time to consider other options. Don't miss out on the technologies that can give your supply chain a heavy advantage.

Getting the Most out of Your 3PL

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