Choptank donates Thanksgiving dinners to local charities

Posted by Harriet Mills on Nov 22, 2017 10:10:08 AM

Neighborhood Service Center accepts donations from Choptank Transport       

Choptank Transport, with the help of its employees and shippers, have made it possible for 250 local families in need to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This is the third year that Choptank has made such a large donation to the community. 

 "We look forward every year to coordinating this annual drive to brighten the season for our friends and neighbors who are financially struggling," says Geoff Turner, president/CEO of Choptank Transport.  

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Choptank, a nationwide third-party logistics company, believes in its corporate responsibility to help those in their community.  This week, the company reached out to two local charities to distribute dinners, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Easton Neighborhood Service Center and Food Bank, both located in Easton, Maryland.


“At this time of the year food insecurity seems to be at an increase, says Carmeshia Williams, the interim deputy director of the center. “Through partnerships such as this we are able to provide meals for those families who would otherwise struggle to have food on the table during the holiday.”

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Even with unemployment at 4.6%, the lowest since 2007, there are still a lot of people out of work. From small, rural towns to large metropolitan cities, every community in the nation has its share of people who aren’t looking forward to Thanksgiving because they know they can’t afford it. 


“We are so blessed,” says Steve Covey, executive vice president at Choptank Transport. “Our Choptank outreach program is an important part of who we are and to see our employees step up and donate so much is just amazing."


Stacking up Choptank Transport donations for Thanksgiving dinners

Choptank is also very grateful to its valued customers who have donated thousands of dollars over the years to this annual Thanksgiving dinner drive. This year was no exception with a bakery out of Pennsylvania donating over 300 pumpkin pies.  

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