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Posted by Harriet Mills on Dec 13, 2017 11:00:00 AM

With 15.5 million trucks on the road the United States, it is a good bet to say that the ELD mandate is going to have an impact on capacity when December 18, 2017 arrives. Reports vary on exactly how many drivers and fleet owners are ready. Even if just a fraction of the trucks on the road today are put out of commission as a result of the mandate, the trickle-down effect to the economy could be quite significant, especially when more severe penalties go into effect after April 1, 2018. Read about rate predictions associated with the ELD mandate.

August’s issue of FleetOwner magazine mentioned they had done their own survey and found that just four months before the mandate goes into effect, only 33.7% of fleets they polled were compliant.

truck driver.jpgJust two months later Trucks.com wrote a piece explaining that there were almost 1 million truck drivers who had not yet purchased an electronic logging device.

And now, one of the most recent surveys reports that 60% of fleets running trucks between 1 and 100 have yet to comply. This was called out in a November 7, 2017 blog by CCJ (Commercial Carrier Journal).  That’s a pretty high number of carriers who are not prepared! One big sigh of relief: surveys show that the larger fleets seem to be early adopters and are finding themselves ready for the crackdown when the mandate goes live.

Just a reminder to our readers, no trucks will be taken out of service due to non-compliance of the ELD mandate until after April 1, 2018, but they will be subject to hefty fines.  Also, drivers operating vehicles older than model year 2000 are exempt from running e-logs.

So with the ELD rule timeline creating the possibility of fewer trucks on the road, the carriers who have complied with the mandate will be held accountable to a more stringently and accurately enforced hours of service ruling.  Some shipments that used to be delivered in one day will now, by enforced ELD and HOS laws, take two days to deliver. This could slow down goods to market in a way that Americans are not used to in the modern age.  Sign me up for  the Choptank blog!

We are now less than a week away from the deadline and one of the most recent survey shows a 75% readiness rate (of more than 361 carriers surveyed).  Enforcement readiness is a whole separate area of concern.  Only time will tell what the real impact will be to the industry.

What percent of carriers are ready with ELD compliance.jpgGraph courtesy of Carrier Lists and Kenco Group

Choptank Transport, an award-winning nationwide 3pl, has been proactively vetting its carriers for ELD compliance over the last year.  Make sure you know if your 3pl provider is keeping up with the latest rules and regulations that effect your freight.

Other articles of interest: (Source data from CarrierLists, graphics from Kenco Group) 


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