Good grief, man! This isn't the Stone Age

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jul 12, 2018 11:35:19 AM

So, where’s my shipment?

The four most common words a freight broker heard back in the day were, “Where is my shipment?”

Stone age

No more, though … especially for those 3PLs that, early on, invested in a transportation management system, or TMS.  Early adopters realized the need for shippers to effectively manage and monitor their shipments in real-time, with easy access.    

When we order something through Amazon, most of us check the tracking to see where it is and when it will be delivered. Now extrapolate that onto a hundred-thousand dollar shipment. Wouldn’t you be concerned about where it is at any given time?

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You’ll hear buzzwords like visibility and transparency commonly used in transportation speak, but many 3PLs never made the technology leap. They considered the need to adopt too costly and set it aside as a future endeavor. It was put in a category with autonomous trucks and drone deliveries – something that will soon happen but still seems futuristic. You would be surprised by the number of logistics partners that are still behind the eight ball when it comes offering real-time intel. 


Before you book your next truckload shipment with a new 3PL or freight provider, you should ascertain if they use a TMS that gives you immediate access to your freight, any time of day, any day of the week, for all your shipments. Good grief, man! This isn’t the Stone Age. This information should be and can be readily available to all stakeholders. If your provider says they don’t have the technology to provide you with that intel, you might want to find one that does.


What can customers do with a 3PL that offers an easy-to-use, fully loaded TMS online?

  • Tender loads electronically
  • Check on the status of existing orders – your shipment’s progress & location
  • Retrieve documents – BOLs, PODs, etc.
  • Pull accounting reports – invoices and billing documents, etc.
  • Get rapid alerts and private notifications

tracking shipments

The automation, optimization and instant communication that a TMS provides allows 3PLs and their team members to be exponentially more productive. This means they can focus more on customer service, customer satisfaction and your company’s bottom line. 

Does Choptank Transport have a TMS platform that can streamline your transportation management? Yes, we were an early adopter, so feel free to ask your sales associate about receiving access with a secure username and password when you send over your next quote request! 


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