Choptank Transport CEO named DC Velocity Rainmaker

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jul 22, 2016 11:12:25 AM

Preston, Maryland – DC Velocity, a logistics and supply-chain industry magazine targeted to industry managers and C-level executives, has selected Geoff Turner, President and CEO of Choptank Transport, as a one of its 2016 Rainmakers.

DC Velocity describes its annual Rainmaker nominee list as a group of thought leaders, not necessarily from companies that have made the most money, seen the most growth, or have gained the most notoriety. Instead, it is reserved to show special recognition for individuals who understand that “success isn't just about fame and fortune. It's also about making a contribution to the logistics field and advancing the profession.”

The nine honored Rainmakers on this year’s list include CEOs, CFOs, VPs, senior supply chain managers and university professors and deans. Each one brings a different perspective of the industry from their own business experiences that has helped advance and influence employees, colleagues, industry peers, and the forward-thinkers around them.

“The current marketplace,” said Turner, “is experiencing a sense of volatility that stems from unpredictable market conditions and recent regulatory pressures. It requires those of us deeply invested in the supply chain to adapt more rapidly to these frequent changes. It is an honor to be acknowledged as a leader and driver of change. Change is the primary catalyst that creates greater efficiencies.”

Turner launched Choptank Transport in 2000 and the company has grown from a regional 3PL to an award-winning, nationwide provider with more than 230 employees in their Preston, Maryland headquarters. Choptank has 4 additional outside offices: Dallas, Tampa, Denver and Atlanta, all of which utilize a proprietary database of more than 13,000 vetted carriers.

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