Choptank Transport Employees Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted by Harriet Mills on Oct 17, 2013 4:33:35 PM

Most people’s favorite day of the week is Friday because it concludes the work week and means the weekend is only hours away. Fridays at Choptank Transport, however, are even better because lunch is on the house (thanks to our awesome management).  The menu varies week to week, from Mexican fare to pulled pork to pizza to elaborate salad bars. It is always a surprise and it is always delicious.


This month we have added at the end of the lunch line a collection jar to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds will go to the local Shore Regional Breast Center located in Easton, Maryland. To make it fun, some of the employees dressed in pink to show their enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.  

SonnyHopkins, Account Executive, recalls his own family’s experience with breast cancer. “After the loss of my aunt at a young age, I feel strongly about the importance of making people aware of the impact it can have on a family. I just hope that people can spare a few dollars to support this great cause. It will help with the research needed to help find a cure!”

Kenny Sewell in Choptank's refrigerated LTL division comments, "One of my wife's best friends has breast cancer and is going through the treatments after having surgery. The first thing my wife did when she found out was to schedule a mamogram for herself. She has been by her side and now I see first hand how life-changing this really is."

"I have lost close friends to this disease,” laments Charlene Keller, National Accounts Executive at Choptank. “Breast Cancer Awareness is our way to give back to the many survivors and to show support to the families that have lost loved ones.”

Choptank Team Leader Kim Goodwin says, “Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. It’s not just the individual that faces the disease, the whole family does.” She urges people to donate whenever they can.

Update 11-14-2013: Choptank Transport donated $500.00 to the Memorial Hospital Foundation / Shore Regional Breast Center to help with the Breast Cancer Awareness cause.


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