McMullen joins Choptank Transport’s Tampa office

Posted by Harriet Mills on Mar 20, 2018 12:56:00 PM

Brandy McMullen-215077-editedChoptank Transport is pleased to announce the appointment of Brandy McMullen as general office manager of the company’s Tampa, Florida office.  McMullen will be taking over for Jacob Griffith, who will be opening Choptank’s new Baltimore, Maryland location in early June of this year.

“We are fortunate to find such a well-suited candidate to take over the office in Tampa,” said Dave Regulski, vice president of business development. “This location is growing at such a phenomenal pace that it’s important to have the right person at the helm. Not only does Brandy have the experience required to take this office to the next level, she knows the company.”

McMullen is indeed no stranger to Choptank Transport or logistics.  She was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, also the home of Choptank’s headquarters in Preston, Maryland. She graduated summa cum laude from Salisbury University with a degree in business administration.  After college, McMullen worked for another third-party logistics’ company located in Delaware, taking on various positions over her 16-year career that included: carrier sales, customer sales, marketing, administration and management.

In 2016, McMullen and her family moved to the sunny shores of Florida, settling in a Tampa suburb not unlike the slow-paced town she was from in Maryland. With two young children and a trucker husband, she fondly reminisces about her grandfather’s days behind the wheel of a big rig. During summer breaks, she’d ride with him on Mountaire poultry trucks heading northeast for deliveries. It was this experience that introduced her to the world of trucking and the love of logistics. “I even remember my CB name – it was Wildflower,” smiled McMullen.

“Choptank’s Tampa office already has a glowing reputation in the industry, with many key customers and top talent,” she said. “My goal is to support what already makes this team special, thus marketable, to shippers and carriers, as well as create additional opportunities for our existing staff to grow. As a dynamic team, we will generate additional business, growing our staff numbers organically.”


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