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Market Report Q3 2019

Posted by Harriet Mills on Oct 2, 2019 2:59:13 PM

Is the Freight Market Recession Improving?

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How Choptank Achieved a 94% Load-Tracking Rate in Less Than a Year

Posted by Harriet Mills on Sep 26, 2019 9:17:56 AM

Tracking packages is nothing new. Companies like FedEx and UPS have been doing it for decades. In 1994, UPS first offered customers access to a new bar-coded tracking technology. It was a huge success and enabled the company to grow exponentially.

Commercial freight carriers, on the other hand, have been slow to adopt instant tracking with the burden (and complication) of too many moving parts involved in the supply chain. With so many hands in every freight transaction, it is a miracle the process works as well as it does today.

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Brake Safety Week Helps Prevent Accidents

Posted by Harriet Mills on Sep 18, 2019 3:21:17 PM

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) performs several roadside inspections throughout the year that focus on different aspects of driver and vehicle safety. Most shippers are well aware of the widely publicized annual International Road Check in June. It is a mid-summer event that historically creates a noticeable squeeze on capacity, created by scores of carriers taking vacations or simply staying off the roads to avoid being stopped, fined, or put out of service.

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Hurricane Preparedness - Avoiding chaos & cost in the supply chain

Posted by Harriet Mills on Aug 30, 2019 3:26:32 PM

According to Wikipedia.org, hurricane season starts in the Atlantic the first of June, but it seems official now with the threat of Dorian hitting the Florida coast sometime in the next 72 hours. The National Weather Service says it is currently a category three but is predicting it will reach category four status by the time it reaches the coast. Like a nail-biting horserace, no one is sure what to expect at the finish line until the final moment of impact.

weather channel screen shot

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HOS Changes: Let professional drivers be heard!

Posted by Harriet Mills on Aug 15, 2019 9:55:35 AM

The U.S. DOT announced today a series of newly proposed changes to the 2013 hours-of-service final ruling. These changes will give drivers more flexibility and are a result of feedback from industry organizations and individuals who have been affected by the 2017 electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

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Priceless Cold Freight: A Choptank Core Competency

Posted by Harriet Mills on Aug 5, 2019 4:50:34 PM

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

It all started in a small underground bunker in Antarctica, with a French scientist, his two colleagues, and a glass of whiskey. After a long day of drilling through ice, a few ice chips from a core sample were precisely what his glass of amber-colored liquid needed. While staring at his drink, the ice emitted several bubbles that floated to the surface. It dawned on the scientist that the air (specifically the CO2) trapped in the bubbles if analyzed, might be able to tell a story.

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Keeping Cold Freight COLD in a Blistering Heatwave

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jul 25, 2019 3:40:36 PM

When temperatures reach 98 – 100 degrees with heat indexes as high as 115, like last weekend in Maryland, everything cold gets warm incredibly fast! During these extreme temperatures, many shippers are requesting that even fresh loads run at 26 degrees instead of 28. 

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UMD's Choptank Transport Scholarship Awarded to Local Student

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jul 18, 2019 10:05:37 AM

University of Maryland Student, Zach Bee, Accepts 2019-20 Choptank Transport Scholarship

PRESTON, MD – July 18, 2019. Zachary Bee is a rising senior at University of Maryland’s College Park campus and has been selected as the recipient of the Choptank Transport Business Scholarship for the academic year 2019-2020.

The scholarship, established in 2012, was created in hopes of furthering the education of undergraduate students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to attend college. The goal is to provide aid to business students interested in future employment, including but not limited to, transportation and third-party logistics. Freight brokerages, like Choptank, are part of a growing field that provides solutions between manufacturers and carriers.

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Market Report Q2 2019

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jul 3, 2019 11:38:47 AM


This quarter’s market trends report got me thinking about the perpetual ups and downs of the transportation industry, and naturally, yo-yos – a cool invention that I fondly remember from my childhood. I haven’t seen a yo-yo in years and naturally assumed that the toy went the way of marbles and Tiddlywinks. What child (ahem, or adult) would want to play with a spool and a string when they have smartphones, tablets, and gaming technology? After doing a little research, I found that yo-yos not only have an impressive back story, they are still a relevant child’s toy. But more on that later.

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7 Hidden LTL Shipping Costs

Posted by Harriet Mills on Jun 20, 2019 1:48:08 PM

The extra costs that occur on an LTL shipment’s bill of lading, called accessorial fees, are not really hidden costs. They are fees for added services that some loads require by the nature of the cargo. They are fees on top of the initial quote that LTL freight companies charge.

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