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5 Ways the Freight Industry is Moving Toward Greener Shipping Solutions

Posted by Jason O'Leary on May 27, 2021 2:15:00 PM

Choptank Transport has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to corporate responsibility for more than twenty years, and it is excited to announce its plan to provide a customer-facing environmental initiative as well. 

We all want future generations to enjoy the world we currently live in, and many are willing to take measures to curb carbon emissions and stop excessive pollution to ensure that future. Choptank is one of those companies. 

According to a 2004 EPA study, 23% of the total greenhouse gas emissions from transportation come from heavy- and medium-duty trucks. At Choptank, our hope is to reduce that number or even someday, help eliminate it. Stay tuned, as we will be providing more information on our new green initiative in the coming weeks and months.

To hear what the industry is doing now to address the issue, read our guest blog post from Jason O'Leary, Managing Partner, Surety Bonds Direct, detailing five advancements already in play toward a greener supply chain.

The world of logistics has historically been relatively slow to adjust to the need for greener business practices. 

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