10 Resume Tips Every Career Seeker needs to know

Posted by Courtney Clopper on Aug 1, 2016 4:48:02 PM

As a recruiter I look at dozens of resumes a day. In order to get ahead of the stack and get a potential phone call it is crucial that your resume is in top shape. Below are some tips that will help you get recognized quickly by a recruiter.

Courtney Clopper


  1. Proofread!

If you have multiple spelling mistakes on your resume it looks very unprofessional. There should be no excuses for mistakes because you have the tools to make your resume free of errors. Use spell check on your word processor and read over your resume multiple times before submitting it. This also tells a recruiter that you don't pay attention to detail; which is a needed skill in many careers.


  1. Chronological Order

List your work history in chronological order with your most recent position first. You want to make it easy for the recruiter to find your current job; don't make the recruiter scroll to the bottom of your resume to get the information they need quickly.


  1. Job History Dates

Make sure you have the correct dates on your resume. Or update the dates on your resume if your job history isn't current. Recruiters look for candidates to be at jobs for a decent period of time. We don't want to waste our time training you if you show potential to be a job hopper.


  1. Keep it Short and Sweet!

Use bullet points on your resume instead of paragraphs. Recruiters don't want to dig through your resume to find relevant information. Bullet points make it easy for the recruiter to read and we can find key words fast. As the candidate you want to catch the recruiters' attention quickly!


  1. Include ANY Work History

As a recruiter we know what types of jobs possess the skill sets we are looking for. Therefore, don't leave out a serving job at a restaurant just because you don't think it is relevant to the position you are applying for. Every job shows your skills and is pertinent to us seeing if you are a good fit for the position.


  1. Use Numbers

Numbers show you are capable of producing results. Use numbers in your resume especially if you are applying for a Sales Representative position. I want to know how many cold calls you made in a day or how much money you made for your company.


  1. Database Experience

If you have any type of database experience include that in your resume. Especially include it if you have used a CRM or a difficult program in the past. It shows you can navigate a computer well.


  1. Education

Always include any college you have completed or any continuing education courses you have done. Even if you didn't finish your degree it is good to show that you have the initiative to complete college courses. If you only attended high school that is fine as well but make sure it is on your resume! You can even show any training courses you have attended as well.


  1. Cover Letter

Use a cover letter especially if there is something in your resume that you want to clarify. For example, if you are planning on relocating then state that in your cover letter. If you are hours away from the position you are applying for it may hinder the recruiter from considering you for the position.


  1. Contact Information

Make sure you have the correct phone number and email on your resume. You want the recruiter to be able to get in contact with you. Make sure your voicemail box isn't full so we can leave a message. Also, if your applying  for a job check your email. If you can't be contacted the recruiter may think you are not interested in the position.

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