5 mobile apps that are handy for any truck driver

Posted by Harriet Mills on Nov 11, 2015 4:52:32 PM

dreamstime_xl_53760650Where would you be without your mobile phone? It’s a question many Americans simply can’t answer — and they don’t want to. Truck drivers are no different, of course, and during those long trips on the road their phone is often a constant companion.

With that in mind, here are five apps every truck driver should use to make the most of those miles up ahead.



  • TruckSmart. Find the nearest TravelCenters of America or Petro no matter where you are with this app. You can also learn more about the location’s fuel prices and discounts, and even reserve a parking spot — perfect for those big rigs, as they can't park just anywhere.
  • Calorie Counter. This app can be just as helpful as it is terrifying. We have all eaten an unhealthy meal or two when hurrying down the road, but as a truck driver, you may make a regular habit of the quick grab-and-go meal. Fortunately, Calorie Counter helps you find the nutritional information you need. It works for most restaurant fare as well as packaged foods. The results may be upsetting sometimes, but it’s worth the look before you bite.
  • BigRoad Trucker Log Books. Take your bookkeeping digital with an app that lets you enter your logs electronically. This app eliminates any mathematical errors and adheres to FMCSA rules and regulations. Plus, it offers another helpful GPS source with real-time traffic updates — you can never have too many of those.
  • Skype. This last app won’t make driving your truck any easier, but it will certainly make you happier while you do it. The Skype app, with its free instant messaging, video or voice calls and video messaging, is perfect for staying in touch with loved ones back home. It’s also nice and affordable. Add this one to your phone and reach out as often as possible.
  • Pandora. Customize your music and playlists on a whole other level with Pandora. Whether you stream stations or create your own, Pandora gives you total control over the tunes you hear in your truck; who can say no to that?


These are just five apps we think every truck driver should have stored on their phone, and we want to hear from you, too. What apps have you found helpful when doing your job?

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