Getting the Most out of Your 3PL - Inside a 3PL

Posted by Harriet Mills on Apr 22, 2015 5:21:25 PM

Working with a qualified 3PL provider saves time and money while giving you access to technologies and expertise you may not have internally. After all, great freight brokers are experts in all aspects of shipping logistics, whether you want reliable refrigerated carriers, warehouse storage or intermodal transportation. If your supply chain needs a competitive edge, a good 3PL provider will be it.


But how do you know you're getting every benefit possible from your 3PL? Each provider offers different services and has varied approaches to relationships with customers. You want to make sure you've selected a provider that specializes in your business vertical and one that shares your company's values so goals and culture naturally align. You also want a partner who prioritizes communication and customer service in order to immediately establish trust. Remember, price alone does not define a good or bad 3PL.

• Capability

• Reliability

• Strategy

... make the winning difference. A thoughtfully planned 3PL partnership will focus on results based on your specific supply chain needs both in the short and long term.

Additionally, a reputable 3PL provider will answer all your questions to help you maximize their services. Ask about their strategies for tracking shipments. Inquire how they procure their carriers. Learn how they are able to handle potential seasonal surges and what sets them apart in the industry. The answers to questions like these will not only make it clear that you've chosen the right 3PL, they will also help you get the most out your 3PL relationship.

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