Holiday Freight Forecast

Posted by Harriet Mills on Oct 17, 2014 10:42:43 AM

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Tips to help KEEP COSTS DOWN 

Fall has arrived and along with the wind and rain comes the holiday season. This is one of the busiest times of year for the transportation sector and with tightened capacity due to regulations and compliance, there are bound to be price increases in the forecast.


Shippers expect to pay higher rates . . . well into 2015. A survey by Wolfe Research, according to Journal of Commerce, revealed that "52% of shippers plan to pay peak surcharges to move their truckload freight" in the fourth quarter. Another result of tight capacity: the shippers surveyed expect to rely increasingly on freight brokers to help find trucks.  - Mark Montague, DAT solutions Freight Talk, Oct. 16, 2014.


Regardless of the forecast, Choptank Transport is always proactively finding ways to optimize your freight. No matter what you are shipping or where it is going, planning in advance and locking in rates early can save you money. Avoid shipping the week before and the week after holidays, if possible.

Remember to use your 3PL as a valuable resource!  Ask your sales representative for weekly updates regarding trends on lane capacity and pricing.  Also, consider intermodal services for less time-sensitive freight. It is often an overlooked, cost-saving mode of transportation.

If you are shipping reefer LTL, ways to keep costs down include:

  • maximize your space by stacking pallets, rearrange boxes so there is less space between pallets
  • volume shipping - the more you ship, the better the pricing
  • consistency - same lanes, same schedule
  • frequency - shipping on a regular basis helps us plan, which helps you save on cost



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