Need Specialty Freight Services?

Posted by Harriet Mills on May 2, 2019 10:43:43 AM

Specialty Freight Services

Shippers who have truckload freight occasionally need LTL, intermodal or oversized freight services. These sporadic and out of the ordinary loads can be hard to cover if you work with a 3PL that specializes in only one or two mode offerings.

It is estimated that there are more than 19,000 3PLs in the United States. Of those, only a handful of them offer a full range of shipping modes, or specialty services. Choptank Transport is one of the top 50 3PLs in the nation and one that provides a complete list of specialty services, including: dry LTL, cold LTL, intermodal, drayage, cross-border and container services.

Wouldn’t you prefer to work with a proven, reliable freight broker that offers solutions to all your needs under one umbrella? 

Dry LTL shipping services: Technology is making our lives easier! Choptank’s on-demand, dry LTL, carrier-match program makes quoting from a large selection of vetted carriers a snap. We can find the best pre-negotiated LTL rates, from the best carriers, in the best pick-up and delivery zones within minutes.

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Cold LTL freight services: Customers that only have a few pallets to ship, or less-than-truckload volume, of refrigerated or frozen product, turn to Choptank for its cold LTL services. Be sure to review our service map to see if your freight falls into our specific coverage areas. Have questions; contact us here.

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Intermodal – Highway to rail, H2R: Choptank has a dedicated intermodal department with extensive experience with shipping freight via all Class 1 railroads in the United States. Intermodal can be used as an economical solution for shipping temperature-sensitive or dry freight, especially when truck capacity is tight. Are you interested in learning if intermodal is a good fit for your freight? Talk to one of our intermodal consultants today!   

Drayage: Customers need drayage services when their freight requires short distance transportation as part of a larger move, such as from a ship to a warehouse or from a train to a truck. In short, it means moving a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. Do you need drayage services? We can help.


Cross-Border (Canada & Mexico) and International: Do you have a shipment that needs to go from the United States to Mexico or from Canada to the United States? Border crossing is a service we can provide with little to no headaches. Choptank works with thousands of vetted carriers who cross borders regularly. We can help customers find a reliable customs broker along with the trucks you need to get your products where it needs to go, safely and quickly. We also handle international shipping via airfreight or overseas shipping. Contact us today for a quick freight quote.

Container: “Container shipping” is a term used for international moves that primarily involves the arrangement of freight in containers leaving the United States going to other countries. “Container moves” is a different term that refers to the movement of container freight from ports or rail yards domestically. Do you need a quote for container shipping or container moves? We’ve got you covered.


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