Choptank Transport "Results University" Classes Commence

Posted by Harriet Mills on May 19, 2016 11:43:37 AM

Choptank Transport is pleased to announce the launch of its Results University professional development and continuing education classes. “Results-U.,” as it is affectionately called inside the company, represents the commitment of Choptank’s leadership team to the investment in its people and their development.

RESULTS-U-logo“Career growth and advancement are a huge part of who we are at Choptank,” says Carlie Wright, Corporate Trainer at Choptank. “The continuing education classes have been customized to help enhance people skills, tailor management styles, motivate, and ultimately put employees on an upwardly mobile path.”

Extensive industry training is a large part of Choptank’s employee onboarding process, but it doesn’t stop there. Selected team members are given the opportunity to take a rigorous Transportation Intermediaries Association brokerage-certification class, a feather in the cap of any individual in the industry.  The newly offered Results University classes go one step further by focusing on employee development.

The continuing education classes are once a week and run for eight weeks. “We had 22 applications and only had room for nine in the current class,” explained Wright. “It’s just one example of how so many of our employees have a passion for what they do, and a need to excel.” The classes will feature guest speakers from all departments in the company, including sales, logistics, carrier compliance and human resources.

Results University Professional Development Book Club (PDBC) classes have also started this week with an enrollment of 24 students. Every three months, the reading material will change and a new class will begin.

Pam Hutchinson, Choptank’s Vice President of Human Resources, commented, “Ninety-five percent of our managers have come from promoting our people internally. Targeted training like the Results University continuing education classes will create additional opportunities for seasoned employees working towards higher-level positions. The book club classes are more targeted toward personal and professional development.”

The logistics industry is growing, and that is good news for those in the job market. Choptank Transport is expanding its facility and hiring 130 new positions at its Preston, Maryland, headquarters. Not only is Choptank creating career opportunities by offering Results University classes, they are creating clear paths for advancement in both sales and logistics.

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