Beginning May 1, 2019 Permits Required in Southeastern PA

Posted by Harriet Mills on May 1, 2019 11:38:46 AM


Truck Driver & Shipper Reminder: Destructive Spotted Lanternfly Alert
Quarantine Efforts Requiring Permits Start May 1, 2019 - those without could be fined or re-routed

Reminder to all Choptank Transport valued shippers and carriers:

The Pennsylvania State Extension Service and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have declared a quarantine on many of the southeastern counties in their state due to an invasive and destructive proliferation of the Spotted Lanternfly.  This pest has the ability to damage agricultural crops and forest products, adding up to nearly $18 billion annually in the state of Pennsylvania. 

PA Map

Spotted LanternflyAny commercial vehicles loading, unloading or doing business in these areas must be ready to provide a permit showing evidence that the driver, or someone from the owner’s company, has completed training on how to follow the rules of the quarantine.  The absence of this documentation/permit can result in fines (anywhere from $300 - $20,000!) and/or redirected routing by state authorities.


To learn more about this quarantine and how to comply, review the links below.

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