POSTPONED- CEO Turner Provides 3PL Expertise for Trucker Tools Webinar

Posted by Harriet Mills on Mar 12, 2020 2:23:43 PM

Asset 1Geoff Turner, Choptank Transport's president & CEO, is pleased to appear as a featured speaker on Trucker Tool’s upcoming webinar, Why Low Visibility Compliance Damages Shipper Confidence, POSTPONED Monday, March 16 from 1 - 2pm EDT. Other panelists include Robert Savage, the vice-president of transportation & logistics for Del Monte Fresh Produce, and Trucker Tools’ CEO, Prasad Gollapalli.

Customers are increasingly demanding high-visibility and real-time tracking on every shipment. This webinar will address best practices and valuable insight regarding the value 3PLs can offer shippers when they provide visibility compliance. Improving day-to-day shipper/broker relationships results in enhanced shipper confidence. Learn how companies like Choptank Transport have gone from 40% carrier tracking compliance to more than 90%, increasing productivity and improving driver relations by delivering real-time tracking to their customers.

Choptank Transport is one of the most technology-forward 3PLs in the industry, and Turner’s experience and unique insights from the broker’s perspective will help make this a must-attend educational event. From a shipper’s viewpoint, Robert Savage will be participating with more than 25 years of valuable industry experience. The panel will round out with Prasad Gollapalli, CEO of Trucker Tools, who will examine the many advantages that tracking technology brings to brokers, 3PLs and their customers.

Register here for the Webinar, Monday, March 16.  POSTPONED


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